Skin Cancer Awareness Month!

About a week ago I found out that  M A Y  is Skin Cancer Awareness month and to be honest, if I hadn’t had skin cancer before, finding that out probably wouldn’t stand out to me as much as it did. Skin cancer is unfortunately pretty common, but extremely treatable if caught early. I can’t strive it enough (and my family and friends know this too well) HOW important it is to get checked out by a dermatologist, YEARLY. Skin cancer can show itself in a variety of different ways and it’s something I’ll never understand, so I totally and completely trust my doctor. Skin cancer can appear out of nowhere or come from a mole that’s changed over the years. Either way, even if you think you’re fine, it’s good to get checked JUST TO SEE.

While I was looking into this topic more, I found an article talking about how survival rates for Melanoma are increasing and I wanted to scream in joy! SO wonderful to read something like that. It’s the deadliest skin cancer because it’s deceiving but with regular check ups and knowing the A, B, C, D, and Es of skin cancer you should be just fine!

A is for asymmetry

B is for border irregularity

C is for color variation

D is for diameter

E is for evolution or change

Listen, in no way am I sharing this information to scare you. If anything, it’s to make people MORE aware of what’s on their bodies and if there’s something weird, go to the doctor. Always wear sunscreen and reapply it throughout the day, especially at the beach or outdoors all day. Wear hats and STAY OUT OF TANNING BEDS!

Lastly! Here are some products I recently invested in for the summer (especially), but can and should be used daily!


  • Amazing for reapplying sunscreen throughout the day and fighting shine! >> Sunscreen Setting Powder
  • This stuff is so cool! Poof of powder along your part and in your hair provides sun protection and adds a little volume too! >>   POOF Part Powder

Check out the whole website! They have every kind of sun protection product you could ever imagine. They make it SUPER easy to reapply all day! Supergoop

Get your skin checked. Stay out of tanning beds. Wear sunscreen. And  A L W A Y S, always, ALWAYS reapply!

xx, Coco