about me


Hey guys! I’m Courtney and I’m a freelance makeup artist in Los Angeles. I love what I do for a living and I feel like I’m incredibly lucky for that. I started this blog as a way to get my way of looking at things out there and to be able to share in all the things I love. So many people are always asking me about makeup tips or for a recipe or where I got my outfit, so I thought I’d combine all of it!

A L S O,  some of you may be wondering.. who’s Coco?  The nickname started in college with my really good friend, Arianna – The Modern Day GF – .  She started calling me Coco and it kinda stuck! Now, all the babies and little kids in my life call me Auntie Coco because it’s easier to say than Courtney. It’s a fun switch and I thought I’d run with it!

Hope you enjoy what I have to say!

xx, Coco


“makeup the world, beautifully.” – Courtney