t h i r t y things I learned by 30.

My 30th birthday fell on Mother’s Day this year so it was doubly special for me! I celebrated the day before with all my best friends and family at Malibu Wines and Beer Garden. It was by far one of the best birthdays, ever and I’m SO thankful to everyone who showed up that day. I was truly surrounded by the people who make me happiest. Then, for my birthday/Mother’s Day.. my family and I lounged the whole day together while cooking homemade pasta and a delicious feast for dinner. It was just perfect!

For the past year I’ve been thinking a lot about life and things that are changing as I’m getting older. Mainly, I’ve been thinking about what I’ve learned in my last 29 years and who I want to surround myself with on a daily basis. I compiled a list of 30 things I’ve learned by 30 and I wanted to share them with you!   

E N J O Y!


  1. always be kind // “always be kinder than you feel”
  2. have patience // I struggle with this in certain situations but I’ve come to realize how important it is so it’s something I work on daily
  3. timing is everything // this is probably the hardest one for me, to realize things happen for a reason and when things don’t work out, I have to know that there was a reason for that
  4. my person is out there and that opportunity will present itself when it’s time // the older I get, the more challenging this is to accept, but deep down, I KNOW it’ll happen.
  5. choose to do something every day that makes you happy
  6. never compare your path with someone else’s ; everyone is different
  7. surround yourself with people who feel like sunshine // by 30, I can honestly say I found the group of people that make me the happiest and give back the same relationship in return
  8. try to step outside of your comfort zone every once in a while.
  9. pilates is my life // started this at 27 and will be continuing forever.
  10. there’s nothing better than the feeling of working hard and earning your own money
  11. family is everything
  12. try to learn something new every day
  13. not everyone is your friend and that’s ok // keep being friendly, but don’t always expect to get that back.. the right ones will prove themselves
  14. eat healthy, workout and take care of yourself but if you want that in n out burger or to eat those fries with that salad.. DO IT and be happy about it.
  15. embrace your flaws, no one is perfect // I know I’m far from perfect and I have flaws so embracing them has been big for me
  16. having more than one cat doesn’t make you weird // I’m not a “cat lady”, I am compassionate about rescuing animals of any kind and animals are my life, cats are just best in apartments.
  17. it is SO okay to say NO // this is huge for me and it started after my surgery. I say no to things I honestly just don’t want to do and it’s the greatest feeling
  18. be YOU // in life, on a date, with your friends or with strangers. Don’t change your true self to try and fit in. You’ll be loved just as much for your true self.
  19. balance is hard, try your best // sometimes life is crazy and sometimes you think you can’t handle it, but you can. Take a deep breath and take one thing at a time.
  20. look up from your phone more // this is challenging, but it’s something I’m trying to do more around family and especially out to lunch or dinner
  21. ALWAYS find ways to laugh until your stomach hurts // this is truly my #1. I’m always laughing and it’s SO important for my well-being. There’s nothing better than laughing till you cry with your friends and family
  22. don’t just dream, dream bigger //  take your dreams to the fullest. never stop dreaming and making goals for yourself
  23. if you love someone, tell them & show them // this is everything I am. It’s one of my biggest traits. I love doing stuff for people, making them smile and helping them out. It’s how I show my love
  24. if you want to spend an hour on social media or watching silly tv, do it // you are your own boss and you’re human.. especially now at 30. If it brings you joy, continue that because you need some time in every day to zone out and be with just yourself
  25. priorities change // towards the end of my 20s I realized my priorities were changing but now I can truly say how real it is. Suddenly that night out late with a new friend doesn’t beat a night in with the family.
  26. save save save your money.
  27. choose to do something every day that makes you happy
  28. love what you do for a living, with every bit of you, or you’re wasting your time
  29. never give up, in work and in life
  30. rule your mind, or it will rule you // be positive and be kind to yourself and the things you’ve always wanted will come true




Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed my life lessons!

xx, Coco