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I’ve always heard Pilates was a great workout, but I never knew the depth of what the exercise was actually capable of. Fifteen years ago, I had brain surgery to remove a small brain tumor. It was considered an “incidental finding”, I had surgery two weeks later, and it was benign. I was very lucky and still am. Brain surgery isn’t just a walk in the park and isn’t always easy. I came out alive and I was thankful, but the surgery did cause some nerve damage. At first, the nerve damage didn’t bother me too much. Yes, I was numb and tingly but it wasn’t something I couldn’t handle. Cut to 2011.. I was graduating college, stressed and figuring out where life was going and all of a sudden my nerve damage was  O U T   O F   C O N T R O L.

Stress and anxiety are major factors that come into play with nerve damage. When those things are heightened…. the symptoms majorly increase. It wasn’t just that friendly numb/tingly feeling anymore, now I could barely feel my arm, it was tense and felt like it was made of concrete. I panicked, of course. I had meltdowns and I finally broke down to my parents. I couldn’t handle it anymore. We talked and we came up with some solutions, and that was to go see any type of doctor that would help. I started seeing a physical therapist and a chiropractor. Don’t get me wrong, they were both working and I was feeling great and I believed things would get better from there, but…

T H E N, I came across a Pilates Groupon and the rest is history. I decided it was something I would try because I wanted to start working out again but I wasn’t a fan of the gym. Little did I know, I’d love it and it would change my life.

img_64502T H R E E  years of Pilates later and I can honestly say it’s changed me for the better. Not only has it drastically changed my body, it’s almost totally cured my nerve damage. Even though I didn’t create this form of exercise, I’m pretty damn excited that I thought to try it one day and ended up helping myself for the better. It’s the little things, but this is something I’ll forever be grateful for and it’s all thanks to Sumbody Pilates in Studio City! I can’t thank Heather Leon, the owner, and Isaac Hughes more than I already have. They’ve helped me so much just by doing what they do best and I’m so thankful! I’ll never stop doing this form of exercise because I truly love it.

Do something out of the ordinary, you never know what might come of it!

xx, Coco