tan tan, baby.

Okay, so I’ve never entered a tanning bed once or really ever had the patience to lay out and get a nice tan. Then, the whole melanoma thing happened and it scared me enough to EVER want to do those things or really be in the sun at all for long periods of time. So, because of all that I tend to get airbrush tans or use self-tanners, but I’ve never been a person who’s known the most about them or even had one that I could say was THE ABSOLUTE BEST, until….. N O W.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the hands down, best self-tanner you’ll ever lay your hands on: Sunright Insta Glow. This stuff is incredible and the best part about it is, it’s good for you too!

Benefits of Insta Glow:

  • doesn’t streak
  • no stained hands
  • a perfect golden glow
  • formulated for your face and body
  • works with your skin to give you your perfect shade
  • fast drying
  • develops instantly, and darkens up to 30 min after application
  • no strong odors
  • buildable, for desired darkness
  • lasts up to 7 days!

My friend Jordan, from college, and I recently started catching up through Instagram and not only did I notice how perfectly golden tan she was, I needed to know HOW! She started telling me about Sunright Insta Glow and how she sells it as well! I was blown away the minute she told me everything and knew it was something I wanted to try because it seemed so different than what’s on the market today. I also liked that it wasn’t something I could just go out and buy, I had to get it from her and it seemed more special that way! Once it came in, I really couldn’t wait too much longer to try it and as soon as I did I was HOOKED. She wasn’t kidding! This stuff is pure  G O L D. It’s not just me who thinks this tanner is amazing too. In 2018, it was declared the best sun care/tanning product and it’s so well-deserved!


Since trying this product for myself, I’ve turned 3 or 4 of my friends onto it too and once they tried it, the texts poured in about how incredible it was! I’m so happy to have found a self-tanner that gives me that perfect bronzed glow while also being really good for my skin at the same time! I use it weekly, for events and can’t wait to use it all summer and trick people into thinking I worked for that tan!

See for yourself! Order yours today through my girl, Jordan! She’s the best and sells a lot of other amazing products too! She’s also a fitness instructor and has a ton of good tips and tricks to a healthy, fit lifestyle!

Find her here >>> Jordan McClanahan and tell her you found her through me! or my blog!

Happy tanning!

xx, Coco