malibu cafe // sunday funday





Happy Monday, lovelies! This past weekend was a good one, for sure! It was my best friend’s birthday and she’s someone who goes above and beyond for everyone, so I wanted this weekend to be all about her!

She’s Persian Armenian and her birthday falls on Armenian Christmas. So, Saturday.. for my 7th year in a row, I celebrated Armenian Xmas and her birthday with her family. Ate MY WEIGHT in delicious food and had the best time!

Then came Sunday where she had planned her birthday with friends at Malibu Cafe. What a fun spot! I had always heard good things about this place, but seeing it in person is 1000 times better! It’s like an adult backyard picnic, to the extreme! There are a few places to get food from, as well as two bars. They have large games set up all over like Cornhole, Jenga, Connect 4, ping pong and more. It’s also a venue made with I N S T A G R A M  in mind. Everything is beautiful and picturesque. You just can’t help but take a bunch of pictures, especially with bright, sunny weather! (Thank you, rain!)

It was a weekend to remember and made it hard to get going Monday morning… but that’s what weekends are for! I encourage you to go check out Malibu Cafe for yourselves! January isn’t the typical time to enjoy this place outdoors, but it didn’t stop us or others that were there as well! Summer, I can imagine, fills up fast so definitely try to make it there some time!

T H I N G S  I  R E C O M M E N D:

  • the brussel sprouts from the restaurant and/or General Store location
  • the drink, “The Pineapple Express” – pineapple, tequila, jalapeno. what more could you want?
  • make-your-own smores – you buy a smores kit, sit by any of the fires, and make some smores!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful week!

xx, Coco